Every equipment has its own configuration

Every brand has its own persistence

For the equipment that consists of mechanics, electric, software and other technologies, the persistence of the brand is the soul of the equipment

This persistence always brings the unique spirit to the equipment, which transcends the simple meaning of the configuration.

The everlasting pursuit of the latest technology and the unique inspiration generated by years of experience in the equipment makes DOCAN the lead in the UV printing industry

Why We Exist
Mission: To make the UV printing high-quality, high-efficient, and more economic is our ultimate target
Vision: To be the top supplier of the integrative solution of UV printer.

Established in 2005, DOCAN is a professional corporation that researches new technology and manufactures UV printers。 We provide customers with UV flatbed printer, UV hybrid printer, UV roll-to-roll printer and one-stop technical supports to meet the demands from different markets。

Listen! Focus! Commit! Devote!
Based on its deep sincerity and abundant strength, DOCAN provides the ideal products and excellent services!

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